Dave Gray Culture Mapping Skype talk Berlin

Dave Gray: Culture is your Company's Operating System
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Thursday, February 16, 2017
6:30 PM to 9:00 PM
"The Shuttle" - Innovation Lab @ Zalando Tech
Mollstr.1, Berlin (map)

We believe that our behaviours, values and mindset have a huge impact on what an organisation is capable to achieve. Thus organisational culture is relevant for people who want to build products customers love.

Join us as Dave Gray will give a talk via Skype about: "Culture is your Company's Operating System: How to make culture more intentional and actionable". After the talk we will use the Culture Map in an interactive session to reflect on what we have learned.

Dave Gray has spent his life asking questions and drawing pictures of the answers. This has led to a life of learning and explaining. In 1993 he founded XPLANE, the visual thinking company, to put this practice to use in the business world. Although Dave has probably visualized and explained more new technologies, business strategies, and processes than anyone on the planet, he keeps asking questions.
He has written three books on design, change and innovation.